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Associate Professor

Research Topic, region and time period (one line)
Natural environment of the North-West Russia on the materials of General land survey

You and your research (brief description)
Education and academic training: Samarkand State University (Samarkand). Graduate diploma in History – 1986-1991 Moscow State University (Moscow). Рost-graduate courses – 1996-2000 Moscow State University (Moscow). Defended candidate dissertation and received the degree (Ph.D.) – 2001 Moscow State University (Moscow). Probation at the history faculty – 2013.Member of the Central subject and methodological board of the All-Russian schoolchildren’s history competition. Member of the final stage jury of the All-Russian schoolchildren’s history competition. A constant participant of the Eastern Europe’s agricultural history symposia, All-Russian conferences for the study and publication of the history of Russia mass sources. 2016-2018 project the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation 16-01-00283 "Environmental aspects of the peasant land tenure and development of the environment on the materials of Russian land cadastres of the Middle Ages and Modern Times". 2015 ICCEES IX World Congress “Makuhari – Where Many Wests Meet Many Easts” (Makuhari, Japan) Presentation: Historical conditions of forming the European and Eastern-European Nuptiality models 2011 BASEES-2011 (Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge UK). Presentation: Food problem and independence of Great Novgorod 2010 ICCEES VIII World Congress 2010 “EURASIE: PROSPECTS FOR WIDER COOPERATION” (Stockholm, Sweden, 2010). Presentation: Modern version of demographic theory on the Russian 16th century crisis: mass sources and Structural analysis

Key publication
Natural environment of Valdai on the materials of General land survey.Bylye Gody, 2016, Vol. 40, Is. 2. Р. 345-355

Key publication
Почвы Валдая по материалам первых русских земельных кадастров//Исторический журнал: научные исследования. 2017. № 1. С.45-55. DOI: 10.7256/2222-1972.2017.1.20339

Key publication
Богатство и беднота почв Старорусского уезда Новгородской губернии по материалам Генерального межевания и исследованиям русских почвоведов//Genesis: Исторические исследования. 2017. № 10. С.117-130. DOI: 10.25136/2409-868X.2017.10.24506. URL: http://e-notabene.ru/hr/article_24506.html

Key Publication
Структурно-демографическая теория и история Северо-Запада России XVI века//Российская история, 2011. – № 4. 2011. № 4. С. 73-87.

Key Publication
Природная среда Северо-Запада России в материалах Генерального межевания//Природная среда Северо-Запада России в материалах Генерального межевания

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Fisheries, Forest, Farmland, Agriculture, Soil, Medieval, 18th Century, 19th Century, Economics, Geography, Population and Demography, Russia

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