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Giulia Rispoli

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About Me
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Dep. I

Postdoctoral fellow

Research Topic, region and time period (one line)
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

You and your research (brief description)
I have worked on the history of systems thinking and cybernetics, especially as applied to global ecology and evolutionary theories. My PhD thesis is focused on the work of Marxist philosopher and physician Alexander A. Bogdanov. I am especially interested in his General science of organization, Tektology. During my postdoctoral fellowship, held at the Centre Alexander Koyré in Paris, I have explored the convergence between cybernetics and the earth system science during the Cold War period and looked at the work of Vladimir I. Vernadsky with reference to the Anthropocene theory. My current research deals with the history of Biosphere studies and the development of global environmental governance during the second half of the 20th century.

Key publication
Tagliagambe Silvano, Rispoli Giulia (2016), La divergenza nella Rivoluzione. Filosofia, Scienza e Teologia in Russia (1920-1940) La Scuola, Brescia. ISBN 9788835002581.

Key publication
With Tikka Pia et al. (eds.) “Culture as Organisation in Early Soviet Thought". Tangential Points Publication Series, Aalto University, Helsinki.

Key publication
Rispoli Giulia (2016) “The Path of Cybernetics in the Soviet Union: from Rejection to Celebration in the Service of Communism”, Machine, Minds and Adaptive Behavior, Paradigmi, ISSN: 1120-3402: pp. 149-163.

Key Publication
Rispoli Giulia (2015) “Teorija Sistem i evoljucionnych transakcii v kontekstie uchenija A. A. Bogdanova”, Filosofskie Nauki, 12/2014, pp. 50-65. ISSN: 0130-9749.

Key Publication
Rispoli Giulia (2014) “Between Biosphere and Gaia, the Earth as a Living Organism in Soviet Geoecology”, Cosmos and History, pp. 78-91. ISSN 1832-9101.

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