Julia Herzberg
Location: Freiburg, Germany
Last Visit: Oct 24th 2014
Registered: Oct 24th 2014
Catherine Evtuhov
Location: NA
Last Visit: Jul 22nd 2015
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Angelica Scherling
Location: Klagenfurt, Austria
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Randall Dills
Location: Louisville, KY
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John P. Davis
Location: Hopkinsville, KY
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Tom Hodge
Location: Wellesley, MA
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Mieka Erley
Location: Hamilton, NY 13346
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Jane Costlow
Location: Maine
Last Visit: Jun 27th 2016
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John McCannon
Location: Nashua, NH
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Baer House
Location: Tartu (Tartu Maakond)
Last Visit: Oct 7th 2015
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Brian Kuns
Location: Tbilisi
Last Visit: Jul 25th 2016
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Maksim Mostovenko
Location: 628 Surgut
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Jennifer Keating
Location: Dublin
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Andy Bruno
Location: Madison, WI
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Nicholas Breyfogle
Location: Ohio
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Anna Agafonova
Location: Cherepovets
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Andrei Vinogradov
Location: Elabuga
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Mark Neuzil
Location: St Paul, MN
Last Visit: Feb 24th 2015
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Stephen Brain
Location: Starkville, MS 39759
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Ryan Tucker Jones
Location: Auckland
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Freshwater; Marine ; Fisheries; Forest; Farmland; Urban; Agriculture; Arctic; Steppe; Grassland; Soil; Atmosphere; Prehistory; Ancient History; Post-classical History; Modern History; Modernity; Futurology; Neolithic revolution; Imperialism; Colonial Expansion; Attitudes, Beliefs & Values; Science; Culture; Intellectual;  Economics; Geography; Anthropology; Religion and Mythology; Philosophy; Politics & Diplomacy; Military; Population and Demography; Industry & Technology; Sustainability; Environmentalism; Atmosphere; Production & Consumption; Nature & Ecology; Maritime; Wilderness; Archaeology; Geology; Theory; Methodology; Chronology; Comparative & Transnational; Digital; People's history; Gender; Ethnicity; Education; Labour; Russia; Ukraine

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