Yulia Prikhodko
Location: Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra
Last Visit: Apr 21st 2015
Registered: Dec 17th 2014
Klaus Gestwa
Location: Tübingen
Last Visit: Feb 25th 2015
Registered: Dec 17th 2014
Alexander Ananyev
Location: Tübingen
Last Visit: Mar 9th 2015
Registered: Dec 16th 2014
Anna Olenenko
Location: Zaporizhia
Last Visit: Jan 19th 2018
Registered: Dec 2nd 2014
Jack Sharples
Location: St Petersburg
Last Visit: Nov 25th 2014
Registered: Nov 25th 2014
Evgeniy Gololobov
Location: Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra
Last Visit: Nov 1st 2017
Registered: Nov 18th 2014
Marianna Poberezhskaya
Location: Nottingham
Last Visit: Jun 6th 2016
Registered: Nov 17th 2014
Translocal Institute
Location: Budapest
Last Visit: Nov 17th 2014
Registered: Nov 17th 2014
Erika Monahan
Location: Albuquerque / Anchorage
Last Visit: Nov 14th 2017
Registered: Nov 14th 2014
Nick Baron
Location: Nottingham
Last Visit: Mar 5th 2018
Registered: Nov 13th 2014
Kelly ONeill
Location: Cambridge, MA
Last Visit: Nov 13th 2014
Registered: Nov 12th 2014
Lakatos Artur
Location: Cluj-Napoca
Last Visit: Nov 11th 2014
Registered: Nov 11th 2014
Ekaterina Tarasova
Location: NA
Last Visit: Feb 24th 2015
Registered: Nov 11th 2014
Johanna Conterio
Location: London
Last Visit: May 1st 2017
Registered: Nov 8th 2014
Natalya Yakusheva
Location: Stockholm
Last Visit: Feb 24th 2015
Registered: Nov 6th 2014
Megan K. Duncan Smith
Location: Cambridge, MA 02138
Last Visit: Feb 12th 2017
Registered: Nov 5th 2014
Nicolai Dronin
Location: Moscow
Last Visit: Mar 27th
Registered: Nov 3rd 2014
Eric Freedman
Location: East Lansing, MI 48823
Last Visit: Nov 27th 2015
Registered: Oct 31st 2014
Christian Teichmann
Location: Berlin
Last Visit: Oct 31st 2014
Registered: Oct 31st 2014
Doubravka Olsakova
Location: Prague
Last Visit: Oct 29th 2014
Registered: Oct 29th 2014

Freshwater; Marine ; Fisheries; Forest; Farmland; Urban; Agriculture; Arctic; Steppe; Grassland; Soil; Atmosphere; Prehistory; Ancient History; Post-classical History; Modern History; Modernity; Futurology; Neolithic revolution; Imperialism; Colonial Expansion; Attitudes, Beliefs & Values; Science; Culture; Intellectual;  Economics; Geography; Anthropology; Religion and Mythology; Philosophy; Politics & Diplomacy; Military; Population and Demography; Industry & Technology; Sustainability; Environmentalism; Atmosphere; Production & Consumption; Nature & Ecology; Maritime; Wilderness; Archaeology; Geology; Theory; Methodology; Chronology; Comparative & Transnational; Digital; People's history; Gender; Ethnicity; Education; Labour; Russia; Ukraine

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