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Event announcement: “Interdisciplinary Workshop on Water, Technology and the Nation-State” Tags: water; technology; nation-building; state-building

The Department of Geography at the University of Manchester is pleased to announce the upcoming “Interdisciplinary Workshop on Water, Technology and the Nation-State”, that will take place in October 27 and 28, 2016, in Manchester, United Kingdom.

This 2-day workshop will bring together over 30 researchers from around the world who are contributing to advance the scholarly understanding of the complex and often hidden connection between water and state-building and nation-building processes.

The workshop will be opened by a keynote from Prof Erik Swyngedouw, University of Manchester, titled “Not a Drop of Water...: State, Modernity and the Production of Nature in Spain, 1998-2010”.

To consult the preliminary workshop programme and for more information on the event, please visit

Please note that there is limited seating availability. To apply for a place please contact the workshop convenor Dr Filippo Menga, email:  filippo.menga(at) 

CFP: ASEEES 2016 mini-conference - "Ecology and Russian Culture" Tags: ASEEES conference CFP ecology literature film culture

We are looking for several more papers, discussants and chairs for a panel cluster on Russian culture and the environment at ASEEES 2016. You can find a short description of the "mini-conference" and a list of possible topics below. Please contact us at [email protected] by January 17th if you are interested in participating.

All best,

Isabel Lane and Anya Corke


Call for Papers: “Ecology and Russian Culture” ASEEES 2016 mini-conference

November 17–20, Washington, DC

Prompted by the eco-critical turn in the humanities broadly conceived, the series of panels titled collectively “Ecology and Russian Culture” seeks to foster interdisciplinary conversations among specialists of Russian literature, history, and culture, from the eighteenth century to the contemporary period. We are particularly keen to consider some of the following questions and topics, but the list below is by no means exhaustive--

- Representing the environment: non-human characters, organic matter, natural resources, weather, mountains, bodies of water

- Environmental ethics, conservation, and activism: cultural impetus for environmental consciousness/ecological change

- Imaginary geographies and cultural landscapes

- Living off the land: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, collecting, fishing, hunting

- Ecology in the global context: the global imaginary, cross-cultural “contamination,” migration, technology, transnationalism

- The changing environment and ecological disasters: pollution, deforestation, nuclear testing/catastrophe

- Representations of the animal and human-animal relations

Talk on Lake Baikal at Georgetown University - 22 September Tags: Baikal

Tuesday, September 22, 4 - 6pm, at Georgetown University U.S.A.

Exploring Russia's Environmental History : Lake Baikal 

David Moon and Catherine Evtuhov will talk about their recent visit to Lake Baikal in Siberia

More details at


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