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2015 Syllabus "Explorations in Russian Environmental History"
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Thank you to all those who responded to Dr Erika Monahan's request, posted in January, and offered syllabus suggestions for her course "Explorations in Russian Environmental History" at the University of New MexicoIt is great to see the network being used in this way.

Erika has shared her finished syllabus with us:

2015 syllabus for "Explorations in Russian Environmental History"


Call for Applications for "Plants, Politics, and Power" in Munich,25–29 March, 2015
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Call for Applications:
Munich Spring School „Plants, Politics, and Power," Kochel am See, 25–29 March, 2015
Advanced Bachelors and Masters students interested in the history of science are invited to submit applications to the Munich Spring School in the history of science. The Spring School is an intensive weekend of block seminars focused on a single, broadly defined topic and hosted by guest instructors from around the world. This year’s theme is “Plants, Politics and Power,” encompassing the epistemic, political and economic relevance of forestry, agronomy, botanical gardens, laboratory botany, plant genetics and related fields in the modern era.

Twelve successful applicants will be invited to the Georg-von-Vollmar-Academy, a small, lakeside conference center, a short trip south of Munich, to participate in an intensive, weekend-long, educational retreat. The program will be in English, thus good English language skills are expected. Invited Participants will be provided free room and board.
The Munich Spring School is organized by Prof. Kärin Nickelsen, Chair for the History of Science at the University of Munich.

Invited Lecturers: Prof. Emily Brock (MPI-WG), Dr. Helen Curry (Cambridge), Dr. Sonja Walch (Wien), and Dr. Robert-Jan Wille (Nijmegen).

If you are interested in participating, please submit an application to Jeremiah James ([email protected]). The application should include:
- a short c.v.
- a letter of motivation (max. one page) explaining your background in the history of science and your interest in the topic for this year.

Deadline for applications: February 13, 2015

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In: Conference Report "The Environmental History of Northern Siberia: Future Directions of Research"
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